Full Automatic Double Cube Sugar Wrapping LRS - 120
Full Automatic Double Cube Sugar Wrapping LRS - 120
Full Automatic Double Winding Machine, cube sugar to reach the consumer more hygienic conditions as a result of R & D activities are designed with the aim of our expert staff and quality of machine parts used in the entire stock of companies world-proven products.
If necessary, changing the mold, various sizes of sugar cubes wrapped in a feasible and flexible machine. Both machines used to track specific quality, excellent workmanship, after sales service and warranty services, long-term, the user is always appreciated. The machine is installed on a turnkey basis. Given the machine is under warranty for 4 years by our company.
General Property
Cube packaged sugars, sugar and emptied into the vibrator vibrator measures prepared in accordance with properly by the rows of input conveyor is moved. Conveyor on the photocells, the level of sugar helps to organize. Made from rolls of paper in the form of external pressure, adjustable coil pulled out of the group are cut dramatically. Then glue the candies are wrapped in pairs by applying input conveyor and exit conveyor is dropped. Output conveyor packaging made from sugars, driven by applying heat and high pressure provides the glue to dry.


Mechanical installation by our technical team without an extra charge, by following up the provision of the necessary conditions for the factory. Will be completed within 2 days.

Place of Delivery

Ankara OSTIM factory.

Required Factory Conditions

1. To access the factory machine for at least 2 m wide 2 m high entrance door 2. Dehydration of sugars inside moist and humid air will consist of a variety of reasons to throw out there is a simple ventilation system. 3. Showing 380 V 50 Hz machine and electrical panel. provision of electricity. 4. After assembly at the factory for the production of 24-hour trial of raw material (sugar, boxes, glue, etc..) Presence of stock.

Delivery Time

Approval of the order and the subsequent months to pay down payment.


4 years of the date made to the machine operation are guaranteed


Our facility will be held by us.

Operator Training

At least 2 qualified person designated by your company verilicektir 1 month free training.

Important Reminders

1. All prices are per delivery OSTIM facility. 2. Pension funds will be made by opening the machine. Therefore, only the transport side of the cases where the responsibility will be installed. 3. Liabilities section or not available due to conditions within the periods prescribed sağlanmamasından or any liability arising from the responsibility of the customer.

Warranty Terms

1. Machine dry, grease and moisture-free 2. Situations that occur after the use of the wrong machine will not be covered under warranty. 3. The periodic table mounted on the machine lubrication and oil changes should be made necessary lubrication. 4. Regular maintenance should be done as specified by the manufacturer. 5. KARADUMAN machine spare parts used in the machine other than the system supply and installation of any manufacturers warranty that eliminates. 6. The machine commissioning, repair, change KARADUMAN machine is made by the technical team. Providing the above conditions, provided a complete machine operation are guaranteed for a period of 4 years from date of purchase.


Technical Property
120 Adet / dk. ( Max. )
Electricity consumption
2.0 Kw
Electricity connections
3.0 Kw
Max. Sugar Size
18 x 18 x 15 ( mm )
Min. Sugar Size
10 x 12 x 8 ( mm )
Machine Color
White, turquoise
Location of Machine
Dust proof and hygienic
Henkel cold adherent
Sugar Feeding
Automatic Adjustable vibrator (stripe) system
Personal Number
Free charge for 2 persons 1 month
Main engine control
Electronic speed control
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