Square Powder Filling Machines
Square Powder Filling Machines
Karaduman machine fully automatic powder filling and packaging machine frame crystal sugar, tea, coffee, cream, salt, etc. of products such as filling, printer, high-tech product manufactured a machine for stacking and packaging. The machine is mounted on a printing press with two separate system, any number of packaged products stacked on the machine are piled to the delivery to the consumer in hygienic environments.
With the machine on his own printing house that the two sides square pattern and a separate edition packaging is available in different colors. The packaged product with the help of any number of stacked electronic components..
General Property
Silo filling machine jaws came pouring powder product 2gr. Dan 10gr. A filling can be adjusted up. Papers on the unprinted roll through the printing machine, printing systems goes jaws. Here you cut the paper into the sugar packed in the package provided the desired size. Cut the required number of packets going to the next stop stacking system is provided istiflenip production.


Mechanical installation by our technical team without an extra charge, by following up the provision of the necessary conditions for the factory. Will be completed within 2 days.

Place of Delivery

Ankara OSTIM factory.

Required Factory Conditions

1. To access the factory machine for at least 2 m wide 2 m high entrance door 2. Dehydration of sugars inside moist and humid air will consist of a variety of reasons to throw out there is a simple ventilation system. 3. Showing 380 V 50 Hz machine and electrical panel. provision of electricity. 4. After assembly at the factory for the production of 24-hour trial of raw material (sugar, boxes, glue, etc..) Presence of stock.

• Validity of Bid • Delivery Time Approval of the order and the subsequent months to pay down payment. • Warranty 4 years of the date made to the machine operation are guaranteed. • Packaging Our facility will be held by us. • Operator Training At least 2 qualified person designated by your company verilicektir 1 month free training.

Important Reminders

1. All prices are per delivery OSTIM facility. 2. Pension funds will be made by opening the machine. Therefore, only the transport side of the cases where the responsibility will be installed. 3. Liabilities section or not available due to conditions within the periods prescribed sağlanmamasından or any liability arising from the responsibility of the customer.

Warranty Terms

1. Machine dry, grease and moisture-free 2. Situations that occur after the use of the wrong machine will not be covered under warranty. 3. The periodic table mounted on the machine lubrication and oil changes should be made necessary lubrication. 4. Regular maintenance should be done as specified by the manufacturer. 5. KARADUMAN machine spare parts used in the machine other than the system supply and installation of any manufacturers warranty that eliminates. 6. The machine commissioning, repair, change KARADUMAN machine is made by the technical team. Providing the above conditions, provided a complete machine operation are guaranteed for a period of 4 years from date of purchase.


Teknik Özellikler
350 pcs./ min.
2 gr-10 gr
2 automatic feeding
Full automatic storage system
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