Manual Automatic Cube Sugar Production Facilities DF-M400 R
Manual Automatic Cube Sugar Production Facilities DF-M400 R
SEMI-automatic cube sugar production and packaging plant DF-M-400R technology used in the latest products and all surfaces that come into contact with the stainless steel product is a facility to be productive. The quality of all materials used at the facility ready for the world-proven products of the firms. The same facility is also possible to mold the changes in the production of sugar cubes in various sizes. The facility is installed on a turnkey basis. That we have established facilities are guaranteed by our company for 4 years.
ROTARY FURNACE DF-2002, complete with sugar cubes drying at 15 m production facility is completed. Rotary kiln with specially taking into account the space-saving kurutulabilinir cubes as follows. • Electric heating via • Steam heating path, with heat exchanger Steam heating path, with heat exchanger. Stainless steel conveyor belt running without interruption is automatically cleaned at regular intervals is known. Completely made of 304 stainless steel using the latest technology products. With this system, saving space and power consumption of sugar producers to Earth in half. Karaduman a pressing machine, the production and packaging machines, semi automatic cube sugar, granulated sugar mixed with water and a high pressing a certain extent as a sugar cube in a stainless steel band is ready to spill it on the conveyor belt through a fully automated box-pressed cube sugars FIRINIDAN ROTARY drying machines with conveyors box filling in a food processor to make the desired sequence by filling the boxes without touching the boxes filled, and then filling her mouth full of food processor off the stick of the high-tech-product machines equipped with a self-controlling systems. Karaduman a machine-specific quality of material used for both machines, excellent workmanship, after sales service and warranty services, I always appreciated the long-term user
General Property
Sugar, Granulated sugar filled through sieve vibrator feed silo, feeding screw shipped with the automatic level control reservoir. Granulated sugar at the mixer running, a certain amount injected by the dosing pump is mixed with water is transferred to the collection area. Granulated sugar mixed with water, damp, according to the synchronous rotation, pressing his head forced through the mold box is loaded with the installation. The amount of sugar entering the pin mold positioned around the drum pattern (the weight setting) through adjusting the setting on the cam, cam by pressing the lever presses mold in pressing on the cubes to be compressed and moist sugar. Cam cam passes over the piston within the hydrated sugar candy bulk steel wire mesh tape on the leaves. Get Mold pin surfaces are cleaned by a wet bristle brush. Through the drying ovens on the band moist sugar production is completed.

The property consists of 6 machines running in sync with each other exactly.


Crystal sugar moistened by spraying with water from the pump to dosage adjustment. Stainless steel is mixed with the leaves in the system mixer from the tank and refill to the next bar butene candy molds will be ready for completion.


Mixer coming from a particular era dampened crystal sugar candy molds are filled by means of rotating shafts tırmıklı. All stainless steel surfaces in contact with the product. Bar butene food category is made of appropriate materials.


Barbüten system molds filled with a certain dose of moist sugar, the drum turns on its axis with the help of cams can be done setting the desired weight. Presses on the drum system, stainless steel mesh band çekiçlerle humid compressed rows of sugar is poured. Portable, this system has been completely made of stainless steel and hard bronze alloy

Drying Ovens

Wire mesh stainless steel drum band system in the rows properly poured into the furnaces of drying moist sugar cube. These ovens have in humidity within a certain amount of sugar throws. A special heat transfer system used in these ovens, heaters and porcelain. Since it is possible to adjust the temperature of each furnace, drying process of sugar provided 50% of the property without disturbing the desired nemliğin. The minimum total length of the furnace. 30 m max. 40 m.. (15 m, which established a special system of rotary kiln plants are used.)

Furnace Cooling

Drying ovens of a special operation of the sugar cube% 70 to 80 percent are nemliği. Drying ovens to around 30 C in the furnaces of the sugar cube is cooling. Drying operations, ending at the end of the conveyor candies that came to filling robot is ready for operation


Technical Property
Box Size
Determined according to sugar amount
Produced Sugar Size
Requested by your firm
Machine Capacity
Net 12.500 boxes / 24h
Water Quality
Must be drinkable quality
Pressured air consumption
6 bar 150 NI/min.(oil and dust removed)
Machine Color
White, turquoise / green (customization)
Length of Facility
Complete facility 15 m
Width of Facility
Changeable according to machines location
Height of Facility
3,5 mt
Location of Facility
Dust proofed, max. 80% relative humidity
Adherent quality
Henkel Tehcnomelt Q 2264
Electricity consumption (average)
50 kW /h
Personel Number
2 unqualified, 1 qualified
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