Full Automatic Cube Sugar Production and Packaging Facilities RMK-400R
Full Automatic Cube Sugar Production and Packaging Facilities RMK-400R
Full automatic cube sugar production and packaging plant RMK 400 R technology is used end-products and products that come into contact with all surfaces of stainless steel is an efficient facility. Companies in the world have proven the quality of all materials used at the facility ready products. The same facility is also possible to mold the changes in the production of sugar cubes in various sizes. The facility is installed on a turnkey basis. That we have established facilities are guaranteed by our company for 2 years
Karaduman a pressing machine, the production and packaging machines, fully automatic cube sugar granulated sugar mixed with water and a high pressing a certain extent as a sugar cube in a stainless steel band is ready to shed on this band of pressed sugar cube conveyor drying tunnels through the box that comes with a fully automatic box machines filling in a food processor to make the desired sequence by filling the boxes without touching the boxes filled, and then filling her mouth full of food processor off the stick of the high-tech-product machines equipped with a self-controlling systems. Both machines Karaduman machine-specific quality of material used, excellent workmanship, after sales service and warranty services, I always appreciated the long-term user.

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General Property
Sugar, feed silo is filled through the sieve vibrator. Granulated sugar, automatic level control reservoir is delivered to the feeding screw. Granulated sugar at the mixer running, a certain amount injected by the dosing pump is mixed with water is transferred to the collection area. Granulated sugar mixed with water, damp, according to the synchronous rotation, pressing his head forced through the mold box is loaded with the installation. The amount of sugar entering the pin mold positioned around the drum pattern (the weight setting) through adjusting the setting on the cam, cam by pressing the lever presses mold in pressing on the cubes to be compressed and moist sugar. Cam cam passes over the piston within the hydrated sugar candy bulk steel wire mesh tape on the leaves. Get the wet surfaces of mold pins by a bristle brush to clean. Through drying ovens of sugars on the band filling is moist robot, and here is done automatically filling in each box as desired. Box camera robot goes to refill the boxes. Filling the processor to the last point of the plant box filled with packed boxes off gradually as the machine is taken
Compising Plant Machinery
The property consists of 6 machines running in sync with each other exactly


Crystal sugar moistened by spraying with water from the pump to dosage adjustment. Stainless steel is mixed with the leaves in the system mixer from the tank and refill to the next bar butene candy molds will be ready for completion.


Mixer coming from a particular era dampened crystal sugar candy molds are filled by means of rotating shafts tırmıklı. All stainless steel surfaces in contact with the product. Bar butene food category is made of appropriate materials.


Bar butene system molds filled with a certain dose of moist sugar, the drum turns on its axis with the help of cams can be done setting the desired weight. Presses on the drum system, stainless steel mesh band çekiçlerle humid compressed rows of sugar is poured. Portable, this system has been completely made of stainless steel and hard bronze alloy.

Drying Ovens

Wire mesh stainless steel drum band system in the rows properly poured into the furnaces of drying moist sugar cube. These ovens have in humidity within a certain amount of sugar throws. A special heat transfer system used in these ovens, heaters and porcelain. Since it is possible to adjust the temperature of each furnace, drying process of sugar provided 50% of the property without disturbing the desired nemliğin. Min.30 max.40 m m. The total length of the furnace. (15 m, which established a special system of rotary kiln plants are used)

Furnace Cooling

Drying ovens of a special operation of the sugar cube% 70 to 80 percent are nemliği. Drying ovens to around 30 C in the furnaces of the sugar cube is cooling. Drying operations, ending at the end of the conveyor candies that came to filling robot is ready for operation.

-PLC 20 Type Full Automatic Cube Sugar Filling Robot

The PLC is equipped with cutting-edge system in the desired sequence is done filling in the boxes. (Single row, 2 rows, 3 rows, 4 rows, and so on.) Machine is equipped with fully electronic materials are made of the companies has proved himself or the world. Drum controller is a single control unit and other equipment that can be controlled. Tic touch is a user of the system control unit has been made more convenient for the operator. Our expert staff to the facility operator is easier to use property as a result of R & D activities as an optional camera system is mounted

RMK-PLC 2 Type Full Automatic Box Machine

Manually placed in the open section of the envelope type of machine-printed cardboard cartons paste with ¼ system, floors, and thus makes the mouth open box. Compared to the information processor of this machine adjusts the speed of filling. Work is needed in the box now. If the desired amount of his time in the box itself will stop automatically. The box is in need of a robot sent to the robot

RMK-PLC 2 Type Full Automatic Box Sealing Machine

Filling a box filled conveyors robot through the cap from the edge of the box open and mouth full of caps and glued to this machine is turned off. If desired, this unit can be installed on other machines in the disposal unit works as a full sync

Screw Feeding Unit

Mixer section of the tablet machine running at the same rate in the system that is completely made of stainless steel. Screw feeding unit includes. Screw feeding unit to the need for tablet machine automatically provides the need for sugar


The installation of the facility by our technical team without an extra charge, by following up the provision of the necessary conditions for the factory. Will be completed within 2 weeks. The other hand, sent by the technical man 3 round-trip travel expenses, hotel booking full board where it left off and turn in the side of the machine will be installed under the responsibility of going to space.

Delivery Location

Ankara OSTİM factory

Required Factory Conditions

To access the factory machines for at least 3 m wide 2.5 m high entrance door • dehydration of sugars inside moist and humid air will consist of a variety of reasons to throw out there is a simple ventilation system • Mechanical or daily min. Constant pressure of 2 bars, 2 cubic meters of fresh water line, have provided potable water for cleaning • Introduction to the factory to come on board and power supply komprenzasyon min. 100 kw of power • Showing of machinery and electrical panel 380 V 50 Hz. provision of electricity • Plant in the 6 bar 150 Nl / min air flow rate of compressed air installations in marinas to ensure there and shown. • Assembly during a three unskilled skilled (if possible, have knowledge of electricity) in the presence of the element. • 40-hour test after assembly in the factory for the production of raw materials (sugar, boxes, glue, water, etc.). Stock there. • The washing machine for placement of a minimum of 40 m long, 8 m wide and 3 m in height must have a suitable environment of food production

Delivery Time

Approval of the order and the subsequent months to pay down payment


Our facility is made to the date of receipt of operation are guaranteed for 4 years.


Our facility will be held by us.

Operator Training

At least 2 qualified person designated by your company after the 3-month training free verilicektir machine assembly.

Important Reminders

• All prices are per delivery OSTIM facility. • The machine will be made by open boxes. Therefore, only the transport side of the cases where the responsibility will be installed. • Liabilities section or not available due to conditions within the periods prescribed sağlanmamasından or any liability arising from the responsibility of the customer

Warranty Terms

Machines dry, free from oil and moisture should be fed a minimum of 6 bar, with pressure. • circumstances that occur after the use of the wrong machine will not be covered under warranty. • the machine mounted on the periodic table of lubrication and oil changes should be made the necessary lubrication. • Regular maintenance should be done as specified by the manufacturer. • foreign matter and free from all kinds of candy from the machine must be crystal structure. Foreign substances within the facility due to moisture and sugar öbekleşmeler part of the drum patterns, and therefore gives the irreversible losses. • Karaduman machine spare parts used in the machine other than the system supply and installation of any manufacturers warranty that eliminates. • Commissioning of the facility, repair, change, Karaduman machine is made by the technical team • parts wear out; Barbüten polyamide, hair Filling Robot, Conveyor plüretenleri, Box Machine Vacuum tubes, conveyor drying Mesh straps, outside the scope of the warranty Providing the above conditions provided the complete plant operation are guaranteed for a period of 4 years from date of purchase


Technical Property
15.000 kg / 24 h
Electricity consumption (average)
50 Kw / Max.
40 Lt. / Day
Machine Capacity
12.500 boxes / 24h
Powder Sugar Quality
Dried, refined (max. 0.05 wet) white and fixed quality combination size: 0,3 – 0,8 mm crystal sugar
Water Quality
Must be drinkable quality
Pressured air consumption
6 bar 150 NI/min.(oil and dust removed
Machine Color
White, turquoise / green (customization)
Length of Facility
Changeable according to requested sugar amount
Width of Facility
Changeable according to location of machines
Height of Facility
2,5 mt
Location of Facility
Dust proofed, max. 80% relative humidity
Adherent Quality
Henkel technomelt Q 2164 TR
Personel Number Sayısı
3 unqualified, 1 qualified
Operator Training
Charge Free, for 2 personnel, 3 months
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